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Why Does solar need to be cleaned?

When your car is left outside for a couple of days, you can see how much dirt builds up on the windscreen. It has to cleaned before you're able to drive. Solar works in the same way but it dosen't get to be cleaned every couple of days instead the dirt builds up and up.

Solar Cleaning

Australian Solar Challenges

As of 2020 Australia has 2.43 million solar systems according to the Clean Energy Council. With the average solar system being 5Kw (15 panels) thats big step towards a renewable future and a cleaner planet. But most solar systems aren't operating at their maximum efficiency.

The main enemies of solar panels are bird droppings, dust and leaves. A large enough build up of dust and grime has the potential to significantly affect the performance of your solar system, by limiting the amount of light that is entering the panel.

Every environment has their own problems. Coastal areas are prone to a build up of salt, sand and dust that is transmitted by the coastal air. Where as country areas suffer a build up of thick dust that gets caught in the rain. As we all know, here in Melbourne we get 4 seasons in a day and that is reflected on our solar panels. Our two prominent weather directions are north and southerly breezes. The northerly winds and storms, that we see from spring to autumn come off our dry deserts bringing a thick red dust that adhere to solar panels. With a southerly breeze Melbourne gets cooled down with winds coming from Bass Strait or directly over the bay for majority of Melbourne. This gives us Melburnians a unique climate for solar.

What HDBR Electrical Offer?

This is why here at HDBR we are providing a cost effective method of returning your panels to their peak efficiency to save our customers money, and we can also help the environment.

HDBR Solar cleaning service includes a full detailed clean of your solar panels, removal of any birds nests and other debris that is lodged under them, that can cause disruption to the system and potentially fire. We will thoroughly check over your solar system to make sure that it meets current CEC (Clean Energy Council) solar regulations.